Hi, my name is Ryan Reid.
I'm a Developer.

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I love working backwards from a problem, and retracing steps to find a solution. I enjoy discovering new ways to solve challenges. Becoming a developer has given me the ability to create while doing what I love.

In my personal time, I like to play guitar and build electronics. I'm currently building a vintage-style, tube-driven guitar amplifier. I also read and collect books on Stoic philosophy.

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Kanban Board

I wanted to make a tool that I could use to keep track of my progress on tasks. I've used Trello boards before, and I decided to make one. In order to do this, I would need to have drag-and-drop functionality. I started by learning how to make a HTML element draggable. Using a drag-and-drop API, I was able to drag and drop these editable HTML elements into other elements. The entries are customizable, and are stored in local memory. Since a kanban board is better to use on a bigger screen, such as a desktop or laptop, it has not been optimized for mobile use.

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Form Validation

I wanted to make a form application, which is common for e-commerce websites. This form is an application that uses front end validation to that can be used to build a client database, send validation emails, and/or create a customer's online account by taking the user's input, and making it an object.

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Inspiring Quote Generator

For this project, I wanted to learn more about APIs. The idea was to grab random quotes for display, and then be able to tweet that quote with the click of a button. In order to do that, I learned how to make an asynchronous fetch request to a REST API. Unfortunately, this resulted in a CORS error, but I was able to solve that by using a proxy server.

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Robot Comedian

This project was a fun way to gain some more familiarity with APIs, particularly a text-to-speech API. The gif robot gets its jokes from a random joke API, and a text-to-speech API allows the robot to read them aloud. Its robot dad would be proud.

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